Google's Business Messages

Transform billions of searches into one-to-one conversations.

92% of All Searches are on Google

As people are constantly searching for your brand on Google, they are left with a one-way content delivery experience.  Brands can now enable the Message icon on their search results to give their customer the ability to start a conversation. 

Move from Search to a
Conversation in One Click

By clicking on the Message icon, an automated or live agent conversation is immediately started.  This conversation could qualify a lead, book an appointment, answer an important customer care query or allow the consumer to discover new products and offers.  This customer experience can include rich media, buttons, carousels, click-to-call and more.  Immerse your customer in a branded customer journey that makes them feel like a rockstar.

Integrate with
Real-time Data

Creating a personalized customer journey is becoming the defacto standard in today's market. The ability to sync with a customer account, search products and prices, give real-time quotes and make a purchase are all possible in messaging channels.  Bringing your business closer to the consumer will lead to higher conversions.

Automate Natural Language Conversations

Being able to quickly respond to a customer with the information they are seeking, can separate your brand and win customers.  Most businesses answer a similar version of the same question 80% of the time.  With natural language automation, nativeMsg can use AI to quickly determine what the customer is asking and fulfill their request immediately.  This lowers customer care costs and increases brand loyalty.

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